A Performance of Petals and Light

Everybody is a crystal ball activated by an ancestral mechanism: the stories we tell and are told to us.

The light of listening illuminates the silence of the darkness, stopping time in such a way as to predict the past to remember the future.

Sherazade is that body, that light, that time, those stories: the eternal present of our existence, dissecting stories to unite us.

We are all organically composed of passion, disappointments, tears, excitement, mistakes, and wonder.

In the sacredness of the night-dawn rhythm, narration-silence, love is born.

Sherazade is remedy, it's the verb, it's listening.

The listening we should do today to avoid perpetrating continuous violence. A sphere of iridescent flowers spins as slowly as the earth we live on; it's an erotic disco ball that calls for collective celebration.

Sherazade, in the fragility of the glitter calls for listening and utters words that enchant. Like a mermaid on a rock - dressed in red and light.

Who is Sherazade - Me? You? They?

It is a collection of contemporary voices as the stories of the women were at the time.

One Thousand and One Nights.

And we keep repeating ourselves, by handling our destructive side, like that of the prince who often lives in our souls. And who will ultimately find resurrection in patient love.

The soundscape is sacred, and suspended, it supports being still. Sounds of water merge with distant bells, temples, and cows, rain and the rustle of the wind.

Echoes and whispers create another lexical architecture of the meeting, the velvet voice caresses, it is a cradle and a memory. They ferry us until the dawn of awakening.

Sherazade is a performance, a flowery sphere of petals and light, a tiara headband that recalls the heart earrings and harnesses to be dream warriors.

Among embroideries of flowers, hearts, and bees to remind us to continue to pollinate ourselves  with love.

Elements on display designed by Sara Ricciardi exclusively for Spazio Giallo; every element of the performance was handmade in Italy by the Haute Couture Atelier of Milan Pino Grasso

Embroidery in sheets of sequins and rhinestones; luminous ball of petals and light fully embroidered with mechanism rotation and lights; headband embroidered in sequins and rhinestones with hearts; harness embroidered with heart and bees.

Flower earrings in paillettes and strass with drooping pistil.

Photo Credits: Simon d'Exéa