Womenswear Floor Renovation
The second floor of the Globus department store in Zurich redesigned by Sara Ricciardi studio.
A new space with colors and shapes that evoke the earth.
Bright and sensual, the space plays with earthy, coppery, auroral
nuances mixed with green majolica and aluminum touches to evoke a warm, intimate, restful atmosphere interrupted by cooler, livelier glimmers.
Plants pop up from relaxation islands among our custom terracotta KISU vases and soft dunes, pink sofas from our SFERICA collection.
Dressing rooms are bellies hued by soft gradients that recall the skies at dawn.
A space meant to stimulate well-being and calmness.
It’s a walk among spatulate colonnades with arched mirrors and wooden display trees.
A touch of a soft chic deep-red carpet that sparks passionate energy.
We wish our new Globus Womenswear Floor sings the praises of a balanced and radiant femininity open, inclusive and aware.

Photo Credits: Stefano Vegnuti / Maria Sicolo