Created the Globus's opening of its renewed women's floor, GAIA is a sculptural candle representing Mother Earth, GAIA; it serves as a tribute to evoke the feminine energy that resides within each of us and underscores the importance of nurturing it. Infused with the delightful fragrance of natural elements, the candle seamlessly melds aesthetics with the therapeutic power of scent, creating a sensory experience.
The grace of an open female profile, a bas-relief from whose head emerging moon to evoke the power of creation.
This aromatic tribute is meant to be kindled and allowed to melt in the gentle glow of light.
Just as one must undergo a transformation through burning to be reborn, this candle serves as a medium of gratitude, an embodiment of the strength and grace that define the feminine spirit, and a token of admiration for the harmonious dance shared between Mother Earth and the women who tread upon her.

May this gift bring a touch of magic to your home

Laura Baiardini